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The Beauty of Being Warmer with PUFF™ Neck Gaiters

There's nothing quite like being outside on a cold day, feeling the crisp air on your skin and breathing in the freshness of winter. But for many of us, those moments are few and far between because the cold is just too darn uncomfortable. That's where our new line of neck gaiters comes in!

Our PUFF™ insulated neck gaiters are the first of their kind, and can keep you warm without sacrificing style or comfort. In this blog post, we'll discuss the science of body heat, and how our PUFF™ insulated neck gaiters can help keep you warm in the coldest of weather. Keep reading to learn more!

The Science of Body Heat

It may come as no surprise that biology plays a major role in regulating body heat. The science of understanding how the human body creates and dissipates its internal heat, as well as how external forces influence it is called thermophysiology.

This concept can be seen when exploring the efficacy of neck gaiters; they almost act as shields against exposure to cold temperatures or wind gusts, but their effect goes beyond this. Neck gaiters also help retain heat produced by our bodies, allowing us to stay warm and comfortable in cool weather. So next time you bundle up for the winter, consider using a neck gaiter—it may make a thermophysiological difference!

Why PUFF™ Neck Gaiters?

PUFF™ insulated neck gaiters offer a unique solution to warming up in the winter- they feature a patent-pending "V" design, allowing you to reverse it depending on how much warmth you need! This means it's perfect for all kinds of cold weather, from those mild winter days to the chilliest ones.

The material itself is also impressive; 87% waterproof-treated polyester and 13% spandex make up the surface, while 90% ethically-sourced duck down and 10% polyester fill the inside. What's more is that the materials used in PUFF™ neck gaiters are both machine washable and dryer friendly, making cleaning a breeze!

How to Wear a PUFF™ Neck Gaiter

Wearing a PUFF™ insulated neck gaiter couldn't be easier! Offering two different ways to wear it, you can quickly and easily adjust the fit depending on your activity level and the temperature.

When wanting more breathability during milder days or while relaxing around a bonfire, you can wear it with the tapered end down toward your midsection. But when needing more protection against wind chill and moist conditions while participating in active pursuits, the tapered end should face up around your face for a snug performance fit.

And when you don't need it at all, you can simply tuck it away! PUFF™ insulated neck gaiters are compressible to wallet size, so they can fit into any jacket pocket for added convenience. You can go from cold to cozy with ease with PUFF™ neck gaiters!

The Bottom Line

PUFF™ insulated neck gaiters are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to protect themselves from the cold. With a unique design that allows you to stay warm and comfortable in all kinds of cold weather, PUFF™ neck gaiters are a must-have for any winter activity. So don't wait - order your own PUFF™ neck gaiter today and be prepared for whatever the cold weather throws your way!

Ready to buy a PUFF™ neck gaiter? You’ve come to the right place! Click here to take a look at our shop, and place an order today.


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