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PUFF™ Design Ltd. offers a new way to warm up winter in your neck of the woods. Did you know that 40-45 percent of body heat is lost through the head and neck due to increased blood flow in comparison with the rest of the body? Now you can keep all that warm in a PUFF neck gaiter, so you can enjoy the outdoors longer.


One dollar from each purchase of a PUFF™ will be donated to POW Canada to help them advocate to create a future that is healthy, safe and resilient for all communities and outdoor playgrounds.


PUFF™ is designed in Canada because we know how to stay warm.


Noa Harris


Noa Harris is a grade 12 student who grew up skiing the windswept hills of Blue Mountain and realized the need for better face protection from icy lake-effect winds and the occasional barrage of snowmaking guns. This is why she adopted the two-layer PUFF system.


Glen enjoying some Ontario back country powder.

Glen Harris, Founder


Glen is the founder and co-publisher of Mountain Life Media and his years of experience ski-touring throughout the B.C., Ontario, Quebec and Vermont backcountry put him on a path to forge better gear for extreme conditions. And his years of publishing, writing and photography experience—along with his integrity and laidback demeanour—don’t hurt either. He resides in the Blue Mountains of Ontario with his wife and children. 

Jesse Fulton, Founder


An enthusiast of adventure and action sports, Jesse began his professional snowboard career at the age of 13, leading to over 35 professional career podiums. He maintained his passion for the sport by becoming an Olympic coach and founding the preeminent snowboard/ski program in the country, Shreducation. A founding member of 365 Sports, Jesse’s drive, and creativity have helped build some of the top events in Canada, Australia and the US. His free time is still usually spent in the winter outdoors. 


Jesse Coaching the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver with Shaun White

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