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Why It's So Important to Keep Your Neck Warm in Cold Weather

When the weather starts to get cold, it's important to take steps to keep yourself warm. And while it's often forgotten about, one of the most important parts of your body to keep warm is your neck. A cold neck can lead to a cold body, and no one wants that! In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of keeping your neck warm in cold weather, and we'll give you some tips on how to do it. Stay warm, everyone!

A Lot of Body Heat Can Be Lost Through the Head and Neck

You may not know this, but up to 45 percent of your body heat can be lost through the head and neck. That's a lot! This isn't necessarily because these areas are uncovered, but rather that they have increased blood flow in comparison with the rest of your body.

This means that heat can easily escape through the head and neck, making them a key area for you to keep warm in cold weather.

Isn't a Coat Enough to Keep Your Neck Warm?

You may be thinking, "But isn't a coat enough to keep me warm? It can cover up my neck!" The simple answer is no. A coat can provide warmth, sure, but it won't be enough to keep your neck toasty in cold weather.

This is because many coats don't provide a snug enough fit around the neck area. This leaves gaps that allow cold air to enter and heat to escape. And as we have already discussed, it's important to keep this area as snug and covered as possible in order to maintain your body temperature.

So, How Can You Keep Your Neck Warm?

The best way to keep your neck warm in cold weather is to equip yourself with the right clothing. And, in our opinion, there’s no better option than a neck gaiter.

A neck gaiter is perhaps the optimal choice for keeping your neck warm in cold weather. It provides a snug fit against the skin which helps to trap body heat, and it also allows for maximum flexibility so you can move around with ease. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and breathable too!

Plus, you can change up a PUFF™ neck gaiter depending on your needs. On mild days, you can wear it tapered end down for a more relaxed fit, and on cold ones you can wear it tapered end up for a snug performance fit. Whatever level of warmth management you require, a PUFF™ neck gaiter has you covered!

The Bottom Line

Keeping your neck warm in cold weather is essential for maintaining your body temperature. And there’s no better way to do that than with a PUFF™ neck gaiter. Our gaiters allow you to adjust the fit depending on your needs, so you can stay comfortable in all kinds of cold temperatures. So don't forget to keep your neck warm this winter - it can make all the difference!

Ready to buy a neck gaiter? Click here to check out the PUFF™ Design shop today!


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